Industrial interface solutions based on Android and open-source hardware

Intelligent, interactive vending machines?

This machine could:

  • Provide nutritional information about the product chosen
  • Advertise other products
  • Conduct market research

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More informative fitness machines?

This machine could motivate users to train better, providing customized instructions, fitness information, calories burned, and exercise routine.

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Informative, customized elevators?

Imagine an elevator button panel customized with your company’s logo providing the latest news, weather, reviews, and music channels.

It is possible…


Multimedia screens in your vehicle?

Public service vehicles could captivate customers with integrated screens offering all kinds of information and entertainment.

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Custom graphic interfaces

Customize and Reduce Costs

Button panels, screens, displays, monitors, control panels, and tablets are all interfaces; tools that enable people to communicate with the machines around them. With Oboid’s custom graphic interfaces and cutting edge technology, you can increase the quality of your product.

No need to design electronics!

Start making a profit now

Electronic development costs reduce the competitiveness of companies with short production runs. Now your company can take advantage of technologies designed for mass consumption without compromising performance quality. Our open-source hardware makes it all possible and at the best price. Ask us about it. There is an open-source hardware device that is suitable for every type of use.

Open-source hardware

Apply the open source philosophy to your products.

Hardware devices with schematics that are publicly available fall into the category of open-source hardware. This revolution in electronic design can be a part of your company. Oboid offers its expertise in the latest technology, helping you find the most efficient device for your product.

Integrating Peripherals

Innovation and integration into your projects

Integrating our solutions into your electronics and peripherals can change the very concept of a product and its features (connectivity, geopositioning, color screens, interacting…). Oboid is skilled at performing this integration in much less time and, at a cost that is much lower than you would expect. All the power of the internet and communication technologies are at the service of your product.

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