Industrial interface solutions based on Android and open-source hardware

Industrial Interface Solutions

We offer industrial interface solutions based on Android and open-source hardware

Industrial interface solutions based on Android and open-source hardware

Soluciones Oboid

A new and more attractive product

Oboid can develop an interface that gives your product a better user experience, new features and ultimately ahigher quality and perceived value through the integration of:


The programming of applications in Java facilitates and shortens the development process.


The software for the interface developed is integrated into the hardware medium that is most appropriate for your product. Oboid provides a wide range of hardware, mostly open-source, enabling you to drive down the costs of the device.

As a result, Oboid provides a seamless integration of systems into your product, increasing its functionality.

My elevator informs me that it is going to rain!

Multi-functional informational display panel for elevators showing

  • Floor number.
  • Maintenance records (no stickers needed).
  • Weather reports.


  • Electronic circuit that receives information from the elevator’s position (positional).
  • GPRS/3G data connection.


  • Shows and records the information regarding the current position at all times (using a real-time clock) and creates a database of the elevator’s use which it sends back to the maintenance center.
  • Connects to receive messages and alerts from the maintenance company to users.
  • Connects to the weather information system and updates the display.

I ride around New York on my exercise bike!

Graphic interface with advanced features for fitness machines

  • Touchscreens that enable you to select different exercise routines.
  • Internet access.
  • Design real routes and programs, displaying your progress through simulated geopositioning (Street View or similar).


  • The electronic card connects to the various sensors of the machine (speed sensor, torque sensor, pulse sensor…) to use the information provided by them. It sets the resistance to the ergometer.
  • The internet connection from the card (Ethernet or wireless) allows for the contents of both media and exercise routines to be updated.


  • Provides a menu of screens that allow the user to select and configure their exercise routine using the touchscreen.
  • Integrates cartographic information taken from the internet to enable you to design routes that simulate actual routes.
  • Shows your progress based on the speed data obtained from the machine.
  • Sends the effort settings to the machine depending on the mapping data obtained.
  • Manages media viewing during exercise.

A vending machine that helps me watch my figure?

Selection screen with advanced capabilities for vending machines

  • Touchscreens that enable you to select different purchasing options.
  • Internet connection.
  • Records sales information.
  • Records purchasers information.
  • Remote access available.


  • The card communicates with the central processor of the machine, conveying the product selection command signal and receiving the product delivered signal.
  • It uses the internet to remotely manage the vending machine.
  • You can attach a camera that enables you to protect it from vandalism and collect customer information.


  • Takes care of managing common purchases.
  • Enables you to display advertisements.
  • Records purchasing and customer data in a database.
  • Allows access to multimedia content related to products.
  • Manages remote access for machine maintenance.

Finally a taxi ride with the fastest route guaranteed

Informational display for public transport vehicles (taxi, bus, etc.)

  • Users will have access to a custom interactive navigation system.
  • Shows users information about the route.
  • Gives users access to certain media content such as music, videos, or games.


  • The device is integrated into the vehicle and receives geopositioning data.
  • Connects to the vehicle’s data bus, extracting data such as current speed.
  • Can be connected to the internet or work with physical memory.


  • Gives users information about the route being taken, showing the current position on a map of the surroundings (especially useful in taxi services).
  • Manages user access to media content.
  • Displays advertising messages to the user.

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